Rob, LMT & Owner


License No: 020907




Rob has been a New York State licensed massage therapist since 2006.  With a passion for both eastern massage and fitness training, Rob fuses the comfort-driven spa experience with muscle-specific techniques for a massage that is both indulgent and effective. Rob specializes in deep tissue work and is certified in the Laura Norman method of hand and foot reflexology.

Rob is invested in helping his clients achieve optimal health and offers referrals within a network of holistic health care professionals such as personal trainers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and yoga instructors. Rob trains regularly and embraces exercise, especially calisthenics and weight training.



"Rob is an absolute gem. His prices are reasonable, even a little below that of other quality massage therapists at his caliber. He is a generous and humble spirit that is incredibly attentive to each patient. This is combined with a technical acumen that has been sharpened by years of experience. I felt completely taken care of and left with a significant reduction in pain. Highly recommend CityTouch."
- Yify Z. via Google Reviews

"Rob, the owner, is great - makes sure you are happy with your appointment, takes time to explain how things work. The place is pristinely clean. I had Marta as a masseuse. She was fantastic. Go! The place is the best I've found in the city for a great full one hour massage at a reasonable price."
- Juliabro via Tripadvisor

"Rob has been my massage therapist of choice for about 2-3 years now. Coming from a high-stress industry, massage is one of my major ways to not only destress but fix the musculature damage I'm doing to my body by sitting in a chair all day while programming. Over the past 15 years, I've been getting therapeutic massage from various practitioners in the cities I've lived in  and Rob's service delivers the benefits that one expects. It's not just a relaxing rub but a really vital component of bodywork and self-care, and he understands that.

Each session, Rob makes sure to check in with me to see what I need, where I need work, and how to best help me. Sometimes we do a general Swedish-style session, and sometimes I ask him to really get deep in there with more of a deep-tissue/sports style work. I always leave feeling blissed out, more mobile, and able to face the rest of life in New York City for another month or three.

Not only is Rob an excellent therapist, but he puts considerable effort into choosing his staff as well. His discerning temperament and absolute necessity towards professionalism exemplifies the qualities I like to see in his craft, so by knowing that, I feel comfortable recommending anyone at CityTouch."
- Sonyl N. via Yelp