Verify Your Insurance

We accept some insurance plans for massage therapy.  You must verify your insurance before you make your appointment.  Please complete the form below and our team of experts will verify your insurance.  This process may take 1 or several business days.  Be sure to include your email address for results.  We do not conduct insurance verifications over the phone.  For detailed information, please read our blog post

  • If applying with workers comp, please be sure to include your claim number and the date of accident.  You will need to obtain a doctors letter and treatment plan.
  • If applying with no-fault or PIP, please be sure to include the date of accident, adjusters name, adjusters number, and claim number. You will need to obtain a doctors letter with diagnosis code(s).
  • If applying with health insurance you will need strong out-of-network benefits that specifically cover massage therapy.  Health insurance using medicaid funds will be denied.
  • By submitting this form, the patient understands they are fully responsible for any fees not covered by their insurance and will pay all bills in full by their credit card on file or digital invoice.