Benefits of getting a massage with organic jojoba wax

Has concern about greasy residue on your skin, clothes, or hair ever stopped you from getting a massage?

Highly processed, synthetic creams or lotions, and nut-based fatty oils may be less expensive, but they can leave behind an unpleasant, oily gunk that cheapens the massage experience.

At CityTouch, we use only organic jojoba wax to enhance your massage and leave your skin feeling conditioned and smooth. Extracted from the jojoba plant native to the southern US and northern Mexico, organic jojoba wax is a high-quality, scent-free medium that won't clog your pores or stain your clothing. Jojoba wax is chemically similar to your skin's natural oil, rich in vitamin E, is non-allergenic and naturally antibacterial. 

At CityTouch, we strive to provide the best massage experience for all our clients by equipping our massage therapists with the best tools.