What is Massage Cupping?

Massage Cupping Therapy in NYC

Massage Cupping is a massage technique where the massage therapist places silicone cups on the clients skin.  

The negative pressure created by the cups, lifts the skin facilitating the release of underlying muscles and connective tissue. The cups can be left in place (static) or moved (dynamic).  Static cupping is useful in helping address trigger points and tight muscles. Dynamic cupping helps release tense muscles and the sheath of tissue (fascia) as well as adhesions from injuries and overuse.

At CityTouch, we use silicone cups which are a safe, yet effective method for cupping.  Harmless red spots may appear on your skin after cupping, but they will quickly disappear in a day or two.  Recently, cupping has become popular from the 2016 Summer Olympics where many athletes including Michael Phelps, took advantage of cupping's health and performance benefits.  Cupping therapy dates back to many ancient cultures.

If you would like to experience the benefits of cupping, just let your massage therapist know before your session, or put a note in the special accommodations box when you book online. There will be no added fee for this this service.

For expert cupping therapy in nyc, book an appointment with Carla,  Marta or Roxanne today.