Marta, LMT


License No: 025807




Marta has been working as a massage therapist in New York City since 2011. Marta's style is a fusion of medical massage therapy, energy work and sports massage. Marta combines myofascial and trigger point techniques with acupressure points in her approach to make muscles more functional, increase range of motion, release stress and energize the mind and body. She also specializes in reiki, chakra clearing and energy work

As a dancer, yogi and performer, Marta is passionate about body education and teaches anatomy and healing classes for actors. She loves to teach her clients more about their own bodies during appointments and in post session self care follow-ups. Marta is also a mom and enjoys working with other moms in their pre and post natal journeys. She also has a particular fondness for working with athletes, performers and seniors.



"I initially chose City Touch due to its proximity to my home as well as the convenient payment method and reviews and profiles of the therapists. I ended up with a 60 min appointment with Marta and she beyond exceeded my expectations! I had been dealing with significant shoulder and neck stiffness and pain for 4 months, had seen doctors, a chiropractor and other massage therapists and Marta was the FIRST person to actually identify and isolate where I was feeling the most pain and the lead me through a number of exercises (aided stretching, massage and cupping) to work through the tension, drastically reduce my pain and greatly increase my range of motion. I was incredibly impressed by her professional and friendly manner and felt extremely comfortable/at ease with her. I really appreciated her multi-technique approach to my massage and am looking forward to returning. I highly recommend Marta, who will take care and time to really address any issues you may have!"
- Amanda K. via Google Reviews

"I had a massage done by Marta and it really was worth every cent. I've had a lot of massages through the years, lots of different styles and I can say with confidence that she ranks at the top of my list. I have chronic back/shoulder/neck pain from old injuries and from sitting at a computer for work. She really listened and addressed my issues. I got the sense that she truly was interested in what I was saying and cared about making a difference. I booked the 90 min one with her and afterwards every part of my body from my head to my toes felt so much better and relaxed. What also impressed me was how she used some different techniques that no body else had used to try to address my hip/thigh issues. Over all she was throughout, professional, friendly and warm. I'm so glad I stumbled on her and the very nice people at CityTouch."
- Marci I. via Google Reviews

"I pinched a nerve in my back/neck and my arm was in a lot of pain as a result, so I made an appointment as soon as I could get one with Marta.

She is an absolute miracle worker! She's very personable, asks the right questions and wants to make sure she understands your needs/preferences, and is extremely knowledgeable. The day after my massage with Marta, my arm pain was totally gone. I would recommend her to anyone -- from someone just looking for a deeply relaxing experience to someone looking for pain relief!"
- Sarah P. via Yelp