Carla, LMT


License No 030023




Carla has been a licensed massage therapist in New York City since 2015. Carla specializes in neuromuscular deep tissue massage. A careful analytical approach to massage, Carla’s style can be described as slow and specific; carefully working away knots and targeting specific problem areas. Originally from Portugal, Carla is also a volunteer for humanitarian projects. Most recently, helping orphanages and assisting with infrastructure projects in Mozambique. Carla is fluent in English and Portuguese.


"Had a great session with Carla at CityTouch. Great service at a great price. Carla put in the extra effort to understand my personal needs, mostly relating to an old sports injury, and proceeded with care. I'm looking forward to future sessions with CityTouch."
- Joe N. via Google Reviews

"Carla is great. She was thorough and attentive. She was also highly sensitive to my immediate needs and was very careful in the areas of extreme pain (my neck) and wonderfully persistent in the other areas that needed work and could take the extra pressure. Good balance is not easy to achieve but Carla managed it very well, with her calming energy, form touch and excellent bed-side manner, along with nice use of aromatherapy. I came to CityTouch 8 months after having a baby, with severe back pain and left feeling like I could finally straighten my back after over a year of pain despite consistent yoga practice. I am going back to see her for a 120-minute session.

Marta has a very different style and energy. I would recommend working with her in the first half of the day. Her expertise is impressive though and I am planning on returning to see her as well.

Rob, the owner, is prompt in answering any types of questions via email and his welcoming energy and professionalism have had been outstanding."
- Alina M. via Google Reviews

"I can not emphasize enough how truly wonderful this place is! Everything about it was professional, clean, relaxing, and considerate. They take care of you from start to finish, and my massage therapist (Carla, who I ABSOLUTELY recommend) even emailed me with links to specific stretches that she personalized for me based on my tension and problem areas. The price also includes both tax and tip, and they took care of my card details beforehand which alleviated any additional stress or hassle that would've come after my relaxing massage. Seriously -  this place genuinely wants to give you the best personalized experience possible, and they definitely deliver. 

They're located on an upper floor of the building towards the back of the hallway when you walk out from the elevator. The waiting room was relaxing, with spa-type music and some kind of amazing essential oil wafting through the room. Once you've filled out the form (which includes very specific questions about your body, health, what you prefer, etc.), I met my massage therapist (again, Carla - a truly caring and beautiful kind of person) who talked through my history, problem areas, and preferences. 

She then took me into my room, which was dimly lit and nicely decorated, including water, dried fruit, and even a place to charge my phone. There was a humidifier type of thing going, along with what I think was dried lavender along with other calming scents in the room. The massage table was very nice, and the sheets they used were really soft too. Everything seemed uber-professional and spa quality. 

My massage was fantastic - I had previously been waking up with severe neck and shoulder pain for weeks, and had unsuccessfully tried just about everything to get rid of it. Carla however seemed to know exactly what I needed, because the next morning my pain was gone and the tension was almost non-existent! Carla had worked some kind of magic, and I will forever be thankful to her for helping me so much. I met the owner, Rob, on the way out - and he was very nice, polite, and professional as well. 

I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 all the way home that night! I'm sure I will be back, and plan on recommending this place to as many people as I can! CityTouch is a gem, and you should absolutely trust them with your business. 5/5 stars, no question!"
- Kirsten M. via Yelp