Polarity Therapy: Bodywork of Holistic Health

Polarity Therapy was developed by a german doctor named Randolph Stone after World War II. He was a chiropractor, naturopath and osteopath. After his studies of non Western traditions he developed this bodywork based on the natural energy flow of life.

Is the concept that energy is movement. Polarity is the relationship between a pole of negative and positive force. Is like batteries or electricity, in order to flow energy there must occur a relationship of polarity. The atoms also consist of this principle of polarity having electrons (negative charge), protons (positive charge) and neutrons (neutral).

Polarity therapy is based on that concept of energy flow within the human form. This therapy is more a healing system. For that reason, is more complex in its pure practice since it corporates diet, nutrition, exercises, and counseling. But it can be incorporated in general full body massage using its bodywork techniques. This modalities helps to bring balance by bringing the negative and positive relationship of energy in our body to meet its neutral force that creates this force in the first place. With this, helps to bring neutrality a potent force of healing as well as a natural flow of energy movement in our body.

The body work of Polarity Therapy consist of manipulation of tissue to release tension it can be subtle or more penetrating touch that can help to alleviate chronic pain. Client can experience deep relaxation, release of pain, greater range of movement, shifts in the nervous system and breathing.

It works with the principle of the 5 elements, chakra balancing and the polarity of yin and yang (-+). It is a healing system that believes that physical imbalances* are created by our thoughts and the emotional relationship. Encourage client to participate in its well being. Promotes a more positive and active attitude towards oneself.

*Imbalances: meaning out of connection with neutrality.

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